Streetscape Project & Town Square

We put together the Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) in order to construct an entire block of Baytown, to include upgrades to the area. It was a continuation of previous improvements and included lighting fixtures, benches, trash receptacles, typical sections, pavers, colors of pavers, electrical requirements, landscaping and irrigation.

  • PS&E prepared in accordance with the city requirements
  • Pre-bid meeting conducted
  • Geotechnical investigations conducted

The scope also included a fountain, two pre-fabricated buildings, electrical, lighting, provisions for a seasonal ice rink and replacement of a concrete curb and gutter.

  • PS&E
  • Utility Engineering
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Illumination
  • Signing & Pavement Marking
  • Storm Sewer Analysis
  • Pedestrian Facilities