As we continue to expand our portfolio of clients across industries and business sectors, Midtown Engineers recognizes the importance of creating opportunities for our employees to connect, interact, and have some fun outside the work environment.

For our first team-building event of the year, our principals and staff took on a new challenge together with axe-throwing lessons at the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) in the Houston Heights.

Fifteen members of our team came together at BATL for a brief coaching session (as it turns out, flinging a 1.5-pound axe can be tricky, even for some of Houston’s most talented civil engineers).

After we got warmed up, we split into two teams for an elimination-style tournament that brought about some friendly competition. That may or may not have brought out some friendly trash-talking, but on the flipside, also some team encouragement and support.

This unique event gave us a chance to learn a new skill, engage in problem-solving, and develop even stronger lines of communication, and we’re excited to use what we learned in the workplace (and maybe even the forest?).

We are proud to foster a work environment that prioritizes collaboration, employee development, and job satisfaction — as we believe these values allow us to continue to provide the highest quality engineering services for our clients. And we’re also excited to add “Lumberjacks skills” to our collective resumé.